Powerhouse Retail Services Success Story!

The powerful behind-the-scene success story!

The Powerhouse saga began fourteen years back when the owner, Mike Murphy decided to buy a portable retail sign company in addition to the patent rights of the proprietary signage system. In order to undertake this venture, Mike took the help of two of his long-term and close friends, Brent Teeter and David Hargrave. Brent and David were engaged in their own professional lives, which included working with renowned companies like Motts, Smithkline-Beecham and Burlington Northern Road, in the field of retail industry. Though they were tied up in their own job lives, David and Brent still found time from their busy schedules to assist Mike Murphy in this decision of purchasing the portable retail sign company. Mike was aware of the fact that both of his friends, David and Brent had perfect experience which they had gathered from working with impressive companies, and they were competent entrepreneurs with correct work ethics. Mike was sure that their talents and creativity in the arena of retail management would help to kick-start his new company. Mike sold off the distributor rights to his trustworthy friends which comprised of the exclusive rights to the Tulsa, DFW, and Shreveport markets.


As predicted, the partnership clicked right from the beginning and everything started to fall in place. The number of customers started increasing day by day, and this was meant to happen as the service facilities of Powerhouse knew and knows no comparison! Once the sign business of the company grew steady and stable, Mike Murphy decided to venture into various types of retail services that also had inflatable balloon advertising as a part of it. Simultaneously, the portable sign industry was facing a rough time, with a sudden decrease in the demand which was as a consequence of the new beautification practices of the city. This major change didn’t make the Powerhouse team lose faith in its ability, rather it focused on trying out new opportunities and evaluating new spheres of business, with a fearless zeal! In the year 2004, the company faced a new and big challenge when the manufacturer of an inflatable balloon company to undertake the project of completing four thousand store national rollout. This project required the installation of several inflatable balloons, each being twelve foot tall on the roof of the every Burger King outlet, in the country. This major task was skillfully completed by Powerhouse, which enabled it to earn instant recognition and appreciation.


The Powerhouse Retail Service department was created jointly by Mike Murphy and Brent Teeter in 2004, according to official records. The Retail Services were really efficient and deft in handling huge projects and introduced life-size inflatable balloons depicting our favourite characters – Spongebob Squarepants, Darth Vader, Shrek and many more! The team concentrated in constructing replicas with three different rollouts, for a minimum of four thousand outlets credited to each model. With the success of each project, other national retailers started recognizing Powerhouse as the proper investment, and a leading company in the field of retail services. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the Powerhouse team was overwhelmed with various national projects as offered by the national retailers. The projects comprised of lighting, surveying, sign maintenance, etc.


The present scenario till the year of 2011 is that the ever-progressing Powerhouse company hires over 250 employees for servicing the different national projects and there is no fall in the level of passion and dedication. The company continues to work with the same enthusiasm and efficiency, as it had been when it was a newbie in the retail industry. The company implements incomparable services and technological techniques to arrive at correct solutions that allow retailers increase profitability and enhance the brand presence. Powerhouse’s Information Services department carries out surveys and audits, and uses their strong proprietary data management tool, known as Infinity. This supplies real-time correct data to the company’s customers. It is a known fact that Powerhouse had started off as a portable retail signage company in the year 1996, and ever since then they have not hesitated in trying out other business avenues as well. The Powerhouse has an incredible network of employees throughout the nation and the team comprises of more than 700 members with excellent sense of expertise to churn out the best for their clients.